A Self-test

Please answer this 10 question quiz to test your understanding of Persuasion.

Question 1) If you want to go to the park and you consult your parents, what is the worse thing that you should avoid?

A: Contradicting yourself

B: Massaging them

C: Ask straight forward

Question 2) If you were to bargain the price of a book, you should...

A: Cut down the price through promising them to come back again

B: Refuse to pay until they agree

C: Tell them straight

Question 3) If you are required to convince your sister to join an Open House, what would you do?

A: Explain the benefits of the visit to her

B: Tell you parents to force her to go

C: Tell her that you will treat her to a drink if she goes

Questions 4) You are to write to a cosmetic company who is cutting down trees in a sanctuary of endangered monkeys, what will use to convince them?

A: Explain the devastation of their acts with visuals and footages

B: Threaten to sue them for their illegal acts

C: Bring up the atrocity they are convincing and write a paragraph telling them how poor the animals are.

Question 5) If you have to convince your teacher to extend the due date of a certain task, you would...

A: Explain the massive workload that you have and explain to the teacher that it is impossible for it to be accomplished in the given time.

B: Tell the teacher that you would call your parents in because your teacher gives too much work.

C: "Polish your teacher's shoes" and tell her how great a teacher she is and how much you respect him/her.

If you have the most number of A's, you are a Logos person

If you have the most number of B's, you are Ethos person

If you have the most number of C's, you are Pathos Person